Duwili Ella Waterfall

Duwili Elle, which is a marvelous creation of nature, cascades from a height of about 63 feet. It is located about 4 k. m. from Balangoda at Thanjantenna a little to the inferior.

This magnificent waterfall, which is a creation of the Walawe River cascades, down a rock during the rainy season and is known as Punchi Duwili Elle. The water, which flows down from about 30 m below, is called Maha Duwili Elle. The flow of water forms a wonderful creation.

Duwili Elle breaks up into two and coming down forms a pool of water below, the depth or size of which none have found out 50 far. From there the Walawe River flows up to the kaltota dam.

The dust like drops of water emanating from the spray is the origin of the name Duwili Elle. For, "duwili" in the sinhala language is dust. This waterfall and its natural beauty is a paradise, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

This waterfall is also called the "Walawe Ganga Falls (East)".

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